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Hello, lovely people! I’m Katelynne, the proud owner and baker at Kupcake Konnoisseur. Three years ago, I embarked on this thrilling journey, and let me tell you, there’s been no looking back since!

My passion for baking traces back to my childhood days, where my sisters and I took turns crafting birthday cakes for our family members. However, it was my wedding in 2021 that sparked a renewed passion for my love of baking. As a DIY bride, I spent the day before our wedding happily frosting 280 cupcakes in my kitchen—an experience that filled me with immense joy.

Encouraged by my husband, friends, and family, I took the leap to turn my passion into a business, giving life to Kupcake Konnoisseur. Working from home, I’ve spent nearly three years honing my craft, completely self-taught. In early 2024, I bid farewell to my corporate job to fully dedicate myself to my sweet venture—a decision that still leaves the little girl inside me giddy with excitement.

I firmly believe in pursuing happiness with the time we’re given.


 Despite leaving my corporate job, I also am a wedding coordinator for The Sweet Heart Winery —a role that I absolutely love that also brings me  an immense amount of happiness and joy. There’s something magical about helping people celebrate life’s milestones, and as both a wedding coordinator and cake artist, I get to make those moments even more special.

While cupcakes were initially my focus, my journey has led me to discover a profound love for cake decorating. Cakes have become my ultimate passion!

A true Colorado native, I’ve called Loveland, CO home since childhood. 

Today, I reside in Loveland with my incredible husband and our two adorable children. When I’m not busy baking, you can find me water skiing in the summer or exploring new destinations with my family.


I am endlessly grateful for the incredible individuals I’ve met along this journey. Their unwavering belief in me has been the wind beneath my wings - truly. I would not be where I am today without the amazing support from so many.


When I say I love what I do, it’s an understatement. I am beyond blessed.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for being here. Your support means the world to me. Let’s continue this sweet journey together! 🧁💕

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